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Travelling with Medicinal Cannabis

Australians love to travel both within and outside of Australia. Carrying medicinal cannabis can create feelings of uncertainty, given the lack of knowledge in the general community including those responsible for keeping us safe in airports, shipping terminals, bus and train stations.

Generally, there is no test for CBD products, however, THC products can be detected by sniffer dogs and drug tests at airports.

Planning ahead will reduce anxiety about carrying medicinal cannabis across borders and ensure you are following the laws of the country you are leaving and those of your destination.

Understanding potential drug to drug interactions

Just about all chemical compounds, including prescription, over-the-counter and herbal formulations and some foods can potentially interact with each other. And cannabis-based products are no different.

Who can carry medicinal cannabis?

A patient or their carer may receive, possess and administer a cannabis medicine which has been legally imported/manufactured and prescribed for the patient.

Cannabis medicines must be packaged and labelled as Schedule 8 drugs unless it is a Schedule 4 cannabidiol product.

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